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MBS 2022 Annual Show

MBS – Midland Bonsai Society (MBS) Proudly Presents (In Association With RBS – Redditch Bonsai Society (RBS)) Its 2022 Annual Show at the BBG – Birmingham Botanical Gardens (BBG) on Sunday, 12th June 2022.

MBS - Midland Bonsai Society (MBS) 2022 Annual Show At The Birmingham Botanical Gardens (BBG) - Promo
MBS 2022 Annual Show At The BBG
A Logo of Birmingham Botanical Gardens (BBG)
A Logo of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens (BBG). An Educational Charity.

Hello world! We’re Back Online!

Welcome back to our Website. Apologies for the brief hiatus. Due to a few ‘hiccups’ and technical difficulties our site appeared to be offline for a while, however it is with great pleasure that we can announce that we are back. Onwards and upwards!

(Late) February 2022 – MBS & RBS Newsletter

Hi all, please find attached a copy of the latest edition of the February Newsletter which is an updated version containing details about a number of Events coming up this year, such as the Bonsai Boot Sale on Sunday, 20th March and the Annual Show at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens (BBG) which has been CONFIRMED for Sunday, 12th June.